Enjoyable Mongolia tour 

                                       9 days & 8 nights

       Most of our tourists like to choose this amazing tour throughout Mongolia. You can feel real freedom on a horseback, visit a local stock breeder family and enjoy Mongolian traditional cultural performance. Come and enjoy Mongolia with us.

Tour itinerary 

1st day  

/Ulaanbaatar-"Gorkhi Terelj" NP/

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, our guide and driver will meet you at the airport and aid with check-in at 4 star- hotel. Ulaanbaatar city tour will start.

Sightseeings will be Square of Chinggis khan, Gandantegchilen monastery-the largest and most significant buddhidt monastery in Mongolia, The Mongolian museum of Natural history and the winter palace of Bogd khan. Lunch at the restaurant in a city center. After the city tour we will head to Terelj National Park /53km/. Dinner at Mirage tourist camp. Then, you will enjoy beautiful nature and stay the night in Mongolian dwelling-ger.  

2nd day

/Terelj NP-Kharkhorum/

After breakfast, we will go to see the huge statue of Chinggis khaan who was the greatest king of Mongolia in 13 th century. Later, we will drive to Mongolian ancient capital Kharkhorin city. We will see Mongolian sand - is spread around 80 km on the way to Kharkhorum. Lunch. We will arrive at "Khubilai" tourist camp, and will have dinner there. 

3rd day

/Kharkhorum city/

After breakfast, we will drive to see Buddhist monastery in 16th century-Erdenezuu, a museum of Erdenezuu monastery, a ruin of ancient capital Kharkhorum city and a statue complex of Mongolian powerful empires. Lunch at the camp. After lunch, we will ride horses for an hour, will visit a local stock-breeder family, and we will see how Mongolian nomadic people live. Dinner at the ger-camp. 

4th day 

/Kharkhorum-Great white lake/

Breakfast. We will drive to Great white lake National park. There you will see the attractions of the Taikhar stone which is a huge remarkable stone in steppe, beautiful “stony river canyon” and silent volcano’s exotic formation. Today we will stay at the camp on a bank of the Lake. lunch and dinner at the camp. 

5th day 

Today we will stay at the camp for a whole day. You can enjoy the beautiful lake between “Khangai” mountains, which is formed by ancient volcano explosion, as well as exotic formation of the extinct volcano "Khorgo". Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the camp.

6th day 

After breakfast, you will drive to “Blue” hot spring. It will be 218 km from Great white lake. Tsenkher hot spring seems like paradise for trippers. You can relax there, and bath in the natural hot spring which is good for human health. Lunch and stay at the camp. 

7th day 

After breakfast, you will drive to Ulaanbaatar city. Lunch and dinner on the way. You will stay in 4 star hotel when you come in Ulaanbaatar.

8th day

Breakfast. Free time until 6 pm. After, we will enjoy Mongolian cultural performance at 6 pm o’clock. we will have last dinner in Mongolia, and will have some review about our tour. 

9h day

Breakfast at the hotel. Our guide and driver will you drop off at the airport. Say GOODBYE to Mongolia. We hope that you will come back. We are always happy to serve to you. 



      Ulaanbaatar city 

     Ulaanbaatar city 

cultural performance 

cultural performance 

Palace of Bogda king

Palace of Bogda king

 Statue of Chinggis Khan 

Statue of Chinggis Khan 

  Erdenezuu monastery 

 Erdenezuu monastery 

      Great white lake  

     Great white lake  

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