Bicycle tour in Mongolia

                       /7 days & 6 nights/

This bicycle tour is very enjoyable 7 days and 6 nights tour in Mongolia. You can challenge yourself and enjoy wild and beautiful nature bicycling through one of the best National park in Mongolia-Gorkhi Terelj National park. Also you will see Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and one of incredible and outsanding traditions on the world. We are sure that this tour will be unique and unforgetful bicycling experience in your life. If you want real bicycling adventure and freedom in the middle of nowhere, come and do it with us. 

Tour itinerary

1st day 

/Ulaanbaatar-"Gorkhi terelj National park/

 At 9:30 AM, our tour will begin. We will drive to the central square-Chinggis square /0.5 km/. Then, we will drive to beautiful Gorkhi Terelj National Park /53km/, and will stay at Mirage tourist camp. Lunch at the camp. After lunch, we will rest for some time. A biking tour guide will give us general information about the biking tour. Since it is the first day of real biking, we will have a short time biking tour on this day. We will bike to main attractions in the National park, those are turtle rock which looks like a turtle /2 km/, and "Aryabal” meditation center /3 km/. After we see these attractions, we will bike back to the camp.

2nd day

/Mirage camp-Temple of princess/ 

Breakfast. At 09:30AM we will head to the Princess temple /totally 54km, 39km by car, 15 km by bicycle/. This temple was built for a princess of Manchu’s kingdom. She sent to Mongolia to marry the Mongolian aristocrat in 18th century. Lunch on the way. After we see Princess temple, we will go back to the camp /totally 54km, 39km by car, 15 km by bicycle/. Totally, we will bike about 30 km on this day.

3rd day

/Mirage tourist camp-Statue of Chinggis khan/

 Breakfast at the camp. On this day we will head to 40 m tall Statue of Chinggis khan /73.3km/. First 37.8 km will be by a car, rest of 35.5 km will be by bicycle. Lunch on the way. After enjoy the biggest statue of Chinggis khan on the world, we will drive back to the camp.

4th day

/Mirage tourist camp-13th century complex/ 

Breakfast. We will drive to "13th century” complex that shows nomadic lifestyle of Mongolians in 13th century by car /78km/. Then we will bike between the camps /21km/ including Relay-station camp, King Palace, shaman camp, herder’s camp, educational camp and craftsmen camp. Real Mongolian lunch will be there. Afterwards, we will drive back to the camp by car. Dinner at "Mirage” tourist camp.

5th day 

/Gorkhi Terelj National park-Ulaanbaatar/ 

Breakfast at the camp. At 10 o’clock, we will drive to Ulaanbaatar /53km/. We will stay at the 4 star hotel in the city center. Free time until 06 PM o’clock. Our guide will meet you to watch Mongolian cultural performance at 6 pm o’clock. After we enjoy amazing Mongolian cultural performance, at 7.30 we will have farewell dinner. Stay at the hotel.

6th day 

/Ulaanbaatar-Chinggis khan airport/ 

Our driver and guide will drop off you at the Chinggis khan airport. If you have no bicycle, you can rent a bicycle from us by 30$

Included services in tour price 

1.Hotel, tourist camp 

2.Breakfast, lunch, dinner that are mentioned in a tour itinerary 

3.Cost of special equipped vehicle for bicycles 

4. Petrol5.English speaking bicycler guide 


7.Protected area entree fee 

8.Other services that are mentioned in a trip itinerary. 

Not included services in tour price 

1. Flight tickets 

2. bicycle hiring cost 

3. Insurances /insurances of health, life, property and others / 

4. Other expenses that are not mentioned in a tour itinerary 

5. Extra services’ costs 

 The cheaper cost the more group members are. Please contact us to get more information and know tour price


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